How To Chose The Best Riding Lawn Mower

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Riding Lawn Mowers – How To Chose The Best Riding Lawn Mower

For many homeowner finding the best riding lawn mower can be difficult. In fact, just purchasing a ride on lawn mower can be a daunting task.

Husqvarna make one of the best riding lawn mowersThere are all kinds of models to choose from, with prices climbing well into the thousands of dollars.

Here is a guide to help you easily choose the best riding lawn mower for your yard.


Choosing a Riding Lawn Mower: What You Need to Know

Summer is quickly approaching and with that comes a need for keeping your yard and lawn looking fantastic.

For some people, this means hiring someone to come over and take care of the work, for others, it means spending the time doing the job themselves. A riding lawn mower is one sure way to make this task a little bit easier.

If you’re looking to make such a purchase, then there is some information you need to know to get your hands on a great mower at a high price!

What Do You Want to Do?

For some people, just mowing the yard is enough.

entry level riding lawn mowerFor others, they want the ability to do everything from mowing, mulching, hauling, and everything in between. There are some riding lawn mowers available that can do it all.

However, if it’s not what you need, then why pay for it?

There is no sense in owning the biggest, worst model to only cross back and forth over your yard a few times!

Consider Comfort Enhancements

It can be a grueling task, especially if you have a large yard or another area that you mow regularly.

John Deere zero turn riding lawn mowerIn the dog days of summer, it’s hot and humid, and can be just miserable.

There are some riding lawn mowers made explicitly with the owner’s comfort in mind.

They have padded, adjustable seats, comfort wrapped, stay cool steering wheels, and some even have a radio!

If you’re going to be doing a lot of work, then isn’t it best to be comfortable?

Brand Names Matter

You want the most for your money. It’s not going to do you much good if you have to drag out the old push mower because the rider is broken down.

These can be expensive pieces of machinery to fix, so stick with the brands you know and trust.

It’s worth it when it comes to performance and durability.

The Best Time of Year to Buy

Most people think that the end of summer and the mowing season is the best time to make this purchase.

best zero turn riding lawn mowerHowever, at the beginning of spring, you can find more sales and promotions than any other time of year.

Not only do retailers want to move last year’s merchandise, but they are also hoping to sell as many units as they can of the new models.

Start looking around March for the best deals.

A Final Thought

A riding lawn mower is certainly going to make your life a little bit easier. After all, isn’t that what everyone wants?

Here are some basic guidelines to help you choose the right model for you:

  • Don’t just buy the cheapest one you can find. Shop around and take a look at various brands and models.
  • If all you need is a primary tractor type mower to cut your grass, compare what is available at a few stores near you.
  • In addition to the big box stores like the Home Depot, go to a lawn mower store in your area and see what they have.
  • Talk to the salesperson to get a better idea about which machine will work best for your yard.
  • The people who work at small independently owned shops will usually know a whole lot more than workers at big box stores.
  • Even if you decide not to buy one from them, you will still get a lot of valuable information to help you make an informed decision.
  • Think about whether or not you would like to add a ride on lawn mower accessories or not.
  • If you want to bag your lawn clippings, sometimes you can get a good deal if you buy the mower and bagger together as a package.
  • You can use a ride on lawn mower for all kinds of other tasks as well, such as clearing snow from your driveway and raking up leaves.
  • The important thing is that you have to think of these things before you make your purchase.
  • If you don’t, the machine you choose might not be compatible or strong enough to handle these add-ons.
  • Read ride on lawn mower reviews before you make a purchase, and choose a machine that comes with a good warranty.


Best Riding Lawn Mower – 3 Tips to Find the Best Riding Lawn Mower

There are many things you should consider when your goal is finding the best riding lawn mower.

Three things are more important than the others, however.


The first thing you should think about is the price. The prices vary greatly.

They start at around $250 and run to over $5,000, so you should determine how much you want to spend. Factor in features you would like to have versus price.


Your property will play a role in what kind you should buy.

If you have a very small piece of land, you may not need a riding lawn mower.

If your property is steep, you will want all-wheel drive; if your property has many obstacles, you will want a smaller cutting deck so that you can get around them more easily.

Other functions

Do you want it to collect the grass clippings or not?

best riding lawn mower designed like a motorbikeWill you be using it for other things such as snow removal or hauling?

Riding lawn mowers can be used in a variety of different manners.

You should consider how you plan to use yours and factor those uses in when you consider cost as well.

If you are using it for snow removal, you will be saving a lot of money, as you will not have to pay the snowplow.

Finding the best riding lawn mower for you requires a little bit of thought beforehand.

Thinking about how you plan to use it can ensure you get the most value for your dollar.