Top 5 Winter Lawn Care Tips

Posted By on Oct 23, 2017 |

There are quite a few Winter lawn care secrets to observe to ensure that your lawn remains in top condition all through and after Winter.

Care of lawns during the Winter months usually require less efforts, provided you ensure the right care just before the end of Summer and during the Winter months.

1. Winter Lawn Care Starts Towards The End Of Summer

It is common knowledge that grass growth slows down during Winter.

Winter Lawn Care How-to

You may observe your lawns losing their fresh green color as a result of entering into a semi-dormant state, this is why you observe that you spend less time and effort mowing and caring for lawns in Winter.


Applying the required care can still ensure that your lawn looks great all through the winter months. The most important Winter Lawn care secrets are shared below.

2. Gradually Reduce The Height Of The Lawn

Not only humans and animals are prone to shocks, even your lawn grass can experience shocks.

Lawn with iceYou need to gradually reduce your lawn grass height in the last month of Summer, drastically reducing the height causes shock to the grass, and can adversely affect their capacity to cope with Winter.

Another reason to shorten the height or length is because burrowing animals, like mice are constantly looking out for warmer hideouts, and they may pull out taller grass to build more comfy nests.

3. Clear Objects Off The Lawn

It is easy to forget certain objects on the lawn during the winter months when we rarely go outside.

frosty winter lawnLawn furniture, toys, logs, etc when left on the lawn could create large dead spots due to the weight of the objects and snow combined.

And remember to sweep your lawn every couple of weeks to ensure that the lawn is always free of objects and debris.

4. Apply Fertilizers Adequately

Depending on the type of grass in your lawn, fertilizer application may vary from grass to grass.

The last weeks of summer and first few weeks of winter are some of the best times to fertilize your lawn to cope with Winter. However, summer lawn care is very different from winter lawn care so be aware of those differences before you begin to tend to your lawn in either season.

winter fertilizer for lawnThis will help the grass recover the nutrients lost during the “tedious” Summer months.

But remember some important Winter lawn care secrets, one of which is that, you use Winter fertilizer regimen that has increased levels of Iron, and other nutrients that have been adjusted in appropriate ratios to strengthen the lawn for a long Winter.

The fertilizers are applied one month to Winter, then two months later, and finally, a further two months later, after which the regular fertilizers can be applied, at the start of Spring.

5. Divert Excessive Traffic Away From Lawn

Snow covering your lawn can sometimes make people forget that you have a lawn out there, and make them tempted to taking the shortest route across, thereby wearing the grass out.

To avoid this, ensure that your pathways and walkways are always clear of snow.

Also make sure that vehicles are not parked on your lawns, this leaves depressions on them which could be difficult for the grass to recover from.

Bonus Tip: Other Winter Lawn Care Secrets

Here are some additional tips for keeping your lawn in healthy order during the colder months.


Ensure adequate aeration and watering.

While the grass need to breath all through Winter, also remember that excessive watering does more harm than good for the grass.


Dead leaves falling and gathering on your lawn should be raked away, as this can make the lawn mossy.